So, yesterday I shared with you all my favorite photo apps for my phone.  Today I wanted to share the other apps on my phone… which granted, aren’t nearly as fun!!!  But still.  :)


1. Vine.  FREE  A new app from Twitter that allows you to film short 6 second videos on a loop.  I don’t often remember to use this app, but it is fun.  :) I don’t have little kids doing cutie pie things so it’s mostly craft-related videos from me.  :)

2. Two Peas in a Bucket.  FREE  The Two Peas app lets me check in to the website’s galleries, forums and shops.

3. Made my own app for Studio Calico.  Now, it’s not really an app… but I made an icon for Studio Calico that lives beside my Two Peas app… so with one click I’m on the Studio Calico website.  (You can do this with any page on the internet simply by clicking “add to home screen” and it makes you a cute little icon that links to that website/page).

4. Daily Weather.  FREE  Every time I use this app someone asks me about it.  It’s just so pretty!  Who wouldn’t want to see bitterly cold weather in Canada like this?  😉

5. Shopping List Free.  FREE  My current grocery shopping app, although there are a few others I want to try.

6. IMDB.  FREE  I grew up in a video store.  Christmas banquets consisted of quizzing fellow staff members about movies and the numbers on the shelf they matched up to.  I believe Empire Records was #53 and Clue was #836?  Or #936?  😉  I can not watch anything with out inevitably wondering… “Where’s that guy from?”.  I love this app.  It answers all my entertainment questions.  Right now I’m kinda addicted to finding bloopers.

7. CanoniEPP.  FREE  This is the app for the Selphy 900.  Nothing exciting about it, except I need it to print photos from my phone.  :)

8. Pinterest.  FREE  I always forget about this app too.  I prefer to check Pinterest out on my mac or my iPad.  But it’s on my phone anyway.

9. Timer.  FREE  I use this one a lot, especially during homeschool.

10. Games – Angry Birds (FREE and up), Doodle Jump ($0.99), Chasing Yello (FREE).  I’m not a big game person, but I keep these three (or variations off) on here.

11. Calculator.  FREE  A basic I couldn’t live without.

12. Alarm Clock.  FREE  Another basic.  Super handy at home or travelling.

What’s on your phone?

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