The Studio.

Today I offer you a peek at my studio.

Some things have changed.  Some haven’t.

Here’s the view looking in from the living/dining room.  We’re in the middle of a kitchen reno and I had always wanted the “old” kitchen island in my studio.  The old kitchen island we made out of two doors.  Of course in my mind my studio’s already in the loft in our addition!  ;) But I made the choice of having a larger work surface rather than space for a chair and I’m happy with that decision.  So, the island’s in.  I really like that there’s now an area for the kids too.  The boys are drawing in there every day!

We’re still working on the storage under the island, but the plan is for rolling wooden crates for my patterned paper and a shelf.

I’ve used this frame for sessions before, but I’ve been waiting to give it a new home.  I spray painted it white and stapled some wire I found in one of our outbuildings to the back.  Now it’s the perfect place to hang inspiration.

Off to the left is my little sewing station.  The basement stairs are right behind the sewing machine and make a little “bump-out” in the room that is impossible to work with.  My solution?  Stacking cubbies on it and using it for storage.

The table and chair are thrift store finds (as is most everything else in this room).

On the whole right side wall is supplies.  Now, it looks like a lot, but really it isn’t. Most of the baskets are quite empty and could easily be combined into one.

This first little group consists of two wooden shelf units.  The lower one was purchased from a store that was going out of business.  The upper was from the thrift store.  Both were painted white and good to go.

I love the little slots in the lower shelf.  Perfect for alphabet stickers.

Loose embellishments get stored in jars.  Some from the shoppe… other’s from the dollar store and thrift store.

And, yes…. there’s little plasticine creatures living here as well.  :)

The shelf beside is two separate units stacked on top of each other.  The lower one is from the shop and the upper unit is upper cabinets from the kitchen that we tore out 12 years ago.  Both were painted white and look quite good together I think.

Add some locker baskets and other containers and everything stays quite organized.

Beside those shelves is one last little shelf (also from the thrift store).  Not painted white.  Shocking right?  If I’d push really hard it would actually go back up to the wall.  But I didn’t want to wreck the wall, so it’s jutting out farther than it should. Seriously… it’s about 1/8″ too big.  So frustrating!  I keep all my cardstock and extra adhesive in this one.

My best score as of late is this letterpress drawer.  It’s the perfect place to store all my little bits and pieces.

And here’s the room from my usual vantage point.  Is it just me, or would the spot above the blue cabinet be the PERFECT place for a little TV?  ;)

Behind me now is the “office”.  We’ve never used the closet for a closet.  It’s outfitted with shelves instead.  The baskets house craft supplies that I don’t need to have regular access too.  Embroidery supplies, envelopes, sewing supplies, tools, etc.

I painted a wooden toolbox white and tucked it underneath the counter.  The drawers are the perfect size for punches!

The wire baskets beside the computer hold my newest supplies.  The hope was that it’d make me use my new stuff instead of hoarding it.  The jury’s still out on whether or not that works.  ;)

I haven’t really had a lot of time to break this room in.  Soon.  It’s a nice feeling to pull a room together with thrift store finds and by shopping in your own home!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have any questions please pop them in the comments section and I’ll answer them as best I can.

  • carol haney - Love it! I admire anyone that uses a white palet. I can’t do it, but I love seeing other people use it! I love the look of all the “used” pieces finding new life under a coat of paint. It just unifies it all…and ya know I have to love the little table with colour! LOL Keep blogging :-) ReplyCancel

  • Cori - OH Marcy! That look fabulous, you inspire me…ReplyCancel

  • Tara - Swoooooooooooon!ReplyCancel

  • Tara - P.S. wish I had seen something inspiring like this before I went and spent way too much money at IKEA on furniture for my Craft Room! >:(ReplyCancel

  • Susi - Wow!!!! I’m drooling.ReplyCancel

  • eva - so lovely!! I think my favorite is the fabric shelf…yummy! :) ReplyCancel

  • Joy - OOOh. I love your thrifty finds. The layout in my office/studio is almost the same configuration, except I don’t have near as much storage…thanks for the wonderful inspiration. I was wondering/contemplating how to go up and out storage wise, and you’ve given me a ton of great ideas.ReplyCancel

  • jen - as always, i am jealous of your room!!!
    i love the changes, its even better now!!
    ..hope to someday soon check it out in person!!ReplyCancel

  • kinsey - i’m in love with how visible everything is…super inspiring space!ReplyCancel

  • Gillian - Oh.

    I’m got total scrap room envy.

    And I physically NEED one of those framed inspiration spots!!!!!!! You are beyond clever.


  • Meghann - Your studio looks fantastic! Really a great place to create in!ReplyCancel

  • Leigh Penner - Oh, this looks so great, Marcy! Very inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • mary w - love your room! I have an enormous frame that i think I need to run into an inspiration board now! And I like you printers tray full of doodads-would it fit on top of the white toolbox?
    Geez-I had planned to clean today but now all i want to do is mess around with organizing my art room!ReplyCancel

  • Racheal - Where did you get the wooden tool box? I have been trying to find something for all of my daughter’s “fun stuff” in her room, and that looks perfect.ReplyCancel

  • paillette - waouh!

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  • KarenP (kphike) - Marcy your space is gorgeous! I too have office/sew/scrap in the same little nook – I really had to “pare down”! I love how all your bins are open so you can see everything – I discovered i work best that way too! Just gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • rosalie boutcher - love it and the colour is great ;o0) so clean!!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - Can I say love love your studio. Soooo jealous.ReplyCancel

  • Jen Naulls - Wow, it’s gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • virginia - WOW this is so gorgeous – it’s like a scrappy candy store!ReplyCancel

  • vee - your space is gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • PJ Taylor - Wonderful! May I ask where you purchased those wide mouth jars? I collect buttons and these would be perfect. Mason jars call too much attention to themselves and old fashioned penny candy jars are really, really expensive.ReplyCancel

  • Emily Kinsaul - You’re studio is one of my all time favs. Thanks for sharing photos of your creative space. I think it’s amazing!ReplyCancel

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